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Complaying to the most stringet Bacteria, Virus & Salt rejection protocols worldwide.

Uniqflux Membrane LIP (India’s 1′ Reverse Osmosis Membrane manufacturing company) produces TFC RO Flat Sheet membranes, Hollow Fiber Membrane- Micro filtration and Ultra filtration membranes at Pune. India. This lap My set up in 2010. for manufacturing Hollow Fiber (UF) and RO membranes, was first in India The technology is licensed Iran CSIR-CSMCRI Laboratory. Bhavnagar. Gujarat. under Government of india. Uniqflux has a fully equipped manufacturing facility in Pune to produce various range of UF and RO membranes from raw material Hollow fiber membranes have the pore site in the range of 0 01 to 0.1 microns and are capable of removing bacteria, viruses. cyst. colloidal matter and Turbidity and hence producing biologically safe drinking water Processes carried out at our manufacturing mils are Casting Coating, Washing. Cutting, Winding. Trimming. Tapping. FRP Coating & Curing and Testing.


  • Best Presentation on Indigenous Membrane Technology & Rising Star Award-2012
  • Developing a new product for import substitute item-MAHRATTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INDUSTRIES & AGRICULTURE
  • Brands Academy Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014-For Reverse Osmosis Membrane Manufacturing
  • India SME 100 Award 2014-Top 100 SME